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Red Rage MSX assembler
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Red Rage MSX assembler

GitHub project page

MSX assembler written from scratch, aiming as full feature compatibility with asMSX.

Design goals

  • make code highly modular and loosely coupled
  • keep syntax clean and simple. Avoid "clever" tricks, i.e. compound statements that require effort for a human to understand
  • avoid using C preprocessor for anything beyond #include
  • plugin-based architecture: multiple implementations of certain functionality could be used via clearly defined API
  • test coverage for each function
  • extensive commentary, almost as in literate programming style
  • follow Google C++ Style Guide conventions as appropriate for C project
  • use static code analyzers to look for potential problems
  • use linter to enforce uniform code formatting
  • avoid tabs, use Python style 2 space indent
  • reference How to C in 2016 for good ideas

To do

  • come up with directory structure for test units
  • switch from bash to PowerShell to run and evaluate test units on Windows


2017-01-28 - came up with the name and created GitHub repository

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