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+CWAC RichEditText: Letting Users Make Text Pretty
+Android's `EditText` widget supports formatted (a.k.a.,
+"rich text") editing. It just lacks any way for the user
+to supply formatting, and it does not provide much in the
+way of convenience methods for a developer to, say, tie
+in some sort of toolbar to allow users to format selections.
+That's where `RichEditText` comes in.
+`RichEditText` is a drop-in replacement for `EditText` that:
+- Provides an action mode on Android 3.0+ that allows
+users to format selected pieces of text
+- Provides convenience methods to allow developers to
+trigger formatting for selected text via other means
+This widget is packaged as an Android library project, with
+a `demo/` subdirectory containing a regular Android project
+with a couple of activities demonstrating the use of
+rudimentary stuff works, there are many limitations and
+probably more than its fair share of bugs. Mostly, this was
+released to serve as a reference point for some bugs to be
+filed against Android itself (related to action modes).
+Expect significant revisions of this component, including
+API changes, in the coming weeks and months. That being said,
+you are welcome to try it out and supply feedback.
+Add the project as a library project to your main project.
+Then, simply add `com.commonsware.cwac.richedit.RichEditText`
+widgets to your layout as needed:
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
+<com.commonsware.cwac.richedit.RichEditText xmlns:android=""
+ android:id="@+id/editor"
+ android:layout_width="fill_parent"
+ android:layout_height="fill_parent"
+ android:gravity="top|left"
+ android:inputType="textMultiLine">
+ <requestFocus/>
+At this time, there are no custom attributes used by
+### Action Mode
+If you want to enable the extended action mode, where users
+can format selected alongside their existing cut/copy/paste
+options, call `enableActionMode()`. By default this is disabled,
+and it will be up to your activity or fragment to arrange
+to allow the user to format selected text.
+Note that it is safe to call `enableActionMode()` on all
+versions of Android &mdash; it is this component's responsibility
+to do the right thing.
+The action mode support, at present, is limited to bold
+and italic. There is an underline option, but it will not
+work, due to a bug/design limitation in Android. The fervent
+hope is that the action mode will support all formatting options
+in the coming weeks and months.
+Also note that action modes do not appear to work on Android 4.0
+in landscape, at least on phones. They do work on Android 3.x
+tablets and on Android 4.0 phones in portrait mode, but the
+action mode does not even show up on Android 4.0 in landscape.
+The hope is that this is a bug or misunderstanding in the
+use of action modes, as having action modes not be available
+be scary.
+### Rolling Your Own Controls
+If you want to have your own toolbar or gesture interface or
+whatever to allow users to format text, here are the two key
+methods to call on `RichEditText`:
+- `applyEffect()` changes the current selection, applying
+or removing an effect (e.g., making the selection bold). The
+first parameter is the effect to apply (e.g., `RichEditText.BOLD`).
+The second parameter is the new value for the effect. Many
+effects take boolean values, so `applyEffect(RichEditText.BOLD, true)`
+would format the current selection as bold.
+- `setOnSelectionChangedListener()` is where you register a
+RichEditText.OnSelectionChangedListener object, which will
+be called with `onSelectionChanged()` whenever the user changes
+the selection in the widget (i.e., highlights text or taps
+to un-select the highlight). You are provided the start and
+end positions of the selection (as were supplied to `onSelectionChanged()`
+to `RichEditText` itself by Android), plus a list of effects
+that are active on that selection. This will allow you to
+update your toolbar to indicate what is and is not in use,
+and so you know what to do when the user taps on one of
+those toolbar buttons again.
+### Supported Effects
+At the time of this writing, here are the `RichEditText`
+static data members for each supported effect:
+- `BOLD`
+- `SANS`
+There are other effects presently implemented, but they
+will be revised shortly, including name and data type
+changes, so don't mess with them yet.
+This project has no dependencies.
+This is version v0.0.1 of this module, meaning it has all
+the stability of a sand castle. You have been warned.
+In the `demo/` sub-project you will find
+a sample activity that demonstrates the use of `RichEditText`.
+The code in this project is licensed under the Apache
+Software License 2.0, per the terms of the included LICENSE
+If you have questions regarding the use of this code, please post a question
+on [StackOverflow]( tagged with `commonsware` and `android`. Be sure to indicate
+what CWAC module you are having issues with, and be sure to include source code
+and stack traces if you are encountering crashes.
+If you have encountered what is clearly a bug, or a feature request,
+please post an [issue](
+Be certain to include complete steps for reproducing the issue.
+Do not ask for help via Twitter.
+Also, if you plan on hacking
+on the code with an eye for contributing something back,
+please open an issue that we can use for discussing
+implementation details. Just lobbing a pull request over
+the fence may work, but it may not.
+Release Notes
+* v0.0.1: initial release

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