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+In general, plugins should be built around user behavior and questions
+a user might ask or orders a user might give. While service or API
+specific plugins will undoubtably make a lot of sense in some cases,
+it's better if those plugins just offer up responses to user
+questions. Hopefully, over time, plugins which answer the same or
+similar questions based on disparate data sources will begin to
+ What time is it?
+ Is it tuesday?
+ What time is it in Boston?
+ Set an alarm for 10 minutes from now
+ Set an alarm for seven fifteen AM
+ What time is my alarm for?
+ When's my next meeting?
+ How many meetings do I have today?
+ What's my day look like?
+ Schedule a meeting for 2pm tuesday with bob about the new project
+ Cancel my next appointment
+ Ask Kaia to call me when she gets a chance.
+ Tomorrow afternoon, remind me to call my mom.
+ I should water the plants on monday
+ Where am I?
+ How do I get home?
+ How do I get to SFO?
+ How do I get to Jesse?
+People finding
+ Call Jesse
+ Call Jesse on his cell
+ Call Jesse at home
+ Call my {mom, dad, son, daughter, husband, wife, umfriend}
+ If it doesn't know who that is, it should ask.
+ Where is jesse?
+ When was jesse last sighted?
+ Tell me when jesse next appears online.
+ Tell me when jesse's next nearby
+Place finding
+ Call Ritual Roasters
+ Where is Ritual Roasters?
+ Is Ritual Roasters open?
+ Is Ritual open?
+ I found a bunch of places with Ritual in their name near you? Which one do you mean?
+ <and then remebers that as 'Ritual'>
+ How do I get to Ritual?
+ (lifted from a third-party doc about Siri)
+ “Any new email from [insert name] today?”
+ “Show new mail about the [insert subject]”
+ “Show the email from [insert name] [insert day/time]”
+ “Responding to Messages”
+ “Email [insert name] about the [insert subject]”
+ “New email to [insert name]”
+ “Mail [insert name] about [insert subject]”
+ “Email [insert name] and say [insert comment]”
+ Who's nearby?
+ Are any of my friends at a cafe?
+ Is anybody I know at a bar? (synonym "I need a drink")
+ Who's in town?
+ "Is Jesse at work?"
+Weights and measures
+Currency conversion
+Paypal / Square / Something
+ Send twelve dollars to schuyler
+Time tracking
+ I just spent 30 minutes on the jones project
+ How much time have I spent on the jones project this month?
+Time and date
+ Is it tuesday?
+ What time is it?
+ What time is it in Tokyo?
+ When will it be 9am in Tokyo?
+ Is it cold out today?
+ Do I need a raincoat today?
+ Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?
+ Is it going to be sunny on saturday?
+ Take a memo: <some string>
+ Where can I get some gas?
+ I need a bathroom
+ Are we there yet?
+ Is there anywhere to eat near here?
+ When will AA flight 412 land?
+ Is my flight on time?
+ Check in for my flight
+ Is Kaia's flight delayed?
+ Set an alarm for 15 minutes before kaia's flight lands.
+ When's the next flight to Helsinki on American Airlines? (defaults to "from here")
+Local travel
+ Is it faster to drive to The Ferry Building or to take public transit?
+ Are there any transit delays?
+ "Make me a sandwich"
+ "Sorry, you didn't say the magic word"
+ "Open the pod bay doors"
+ <any catchphrase from know your meme>
+ "Look inside mailbox" -> Launch a copy of Adventure
+ Knock knock jokes
+ What's going on in the world?
+ Did something bad happen today?
+ Did something amazing happen today?
+ What's playing tonight?
+ When/Where is Oceans Sixteen playing?
+ Is The Maltese Falcon any good?
+ < checks rotten tomatoes>
+ I need a hug / I need to see something cute / Unicorn chaser?
+ < picture of a puppy / video of a baby ocelot / etc >
+ <fill in by someone who knows sports>
+ Search <service name> for <string>
+ has many of hte things siri can say

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