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minimal css framework (for educational purposes)
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liteweight is a really small CSS framework I made to help teach basic HTML, CSS, and maybe some SASS. It promotes clean, responsive design, but also is in no means perfect. It's just here to be small and educational. If you've got any pointers or bug fixes, PR's and forks are fully welcome.

File Structure

Here's a general idea of each of the important files:

File Name Description
lightweight.css The one CSS file you need. Compiled from lightweight.scss. Use this for distribution/download.
lightweight.scss The SCSS file that compiles into lightweight.css.
SCSS/* The files that are imported into lightweight.scss. To change colours and general theme edit variables.scss

Useful Commands

While editing

sass --watch  liteweight.scss:css/liteweight.css

To Minfiy your CSS

sass liteweight.scss css/liteweight.css --style=compressed
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