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Places for Bukkit. Adds locations, graveyards, and simple home and teleport features
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This is a plugin for the Bukkit Minecraft server.

The Places plugin adds support for in-game locations, as well as
adding simple /home support. It uses the built-in bukkit permissions
and persistance APIs.

=== Places ===

A place is consists of the following:
 - a name
 - a weight (radius)
 - a center point (location)
 - an entrance (location)
 - a graveyard (location)

=== Using Places ===

A player is considerd "inside" of a place if their X,Y,Z distance from
the center point is less than the weight.

A player is considered "above" or "below" a place if they are outside
of the sphere of the place, but within the vertical cylinder.

At player death (or more namely, player respawn) the nearest place
sphere is discovered, and the player is teleported to the graveyard
location for that place.

A player may discover which place is nearest, and its relative
direction to their current location, via the /whereami command. Eg:

[q] /whereami
[r] You are northwest of TheHomestead.

=== Home, Visit, Return ===

A player may set a home via the /set-home command. This will save
their current location. A player may have one home for each world on
the server.

A player may use the /home command to instantly be teleported to their
home on the current world.

A player may use the /visit command to instantly be teleported to
another player, on any world.

A player may use the /visit-place [world] command to instantly be
teleported to the entrance location of a place.

After using /home, /spawn, /visit, or /visit-place, the player may
issue the /return command to be sent back to wherever they were before
they issued the teleporting command. Only one return location is
stored per-player, and it is lost when the server restarts or the
plugin reloads. Death does not cause the return location to be
overwritten, nor does logging out.

The home, visit, and return commands all have their own individual
permission nodes, so these features may be granted as the admin sees

=== Why use this plugin ===

I wrote this plugin because I was interested in having more localized
respawning in the event of player death. I like the concept from many
MMOs, in that if you die near a town, you'll respawn in that town's
graveyard. I had been using SpawnControl prior to writing this, so at
death I would respawn back at my home location, which would often be
very far from where I'd actually been playing.

An example use case for a place would be a town or a castle. An editor
would create a place centered on the middle of the town or castle and
give it an appropriate weight (radius) such that the structure was
entirely contained. The editor could then set an in-game graveyard or
crypt or inn to be the graveyard location, and could set the town
gates or town square to be the entrance. A player who was mining in a
nearby mountain could then see the town in their /whereami
information, and in the event of their death they would respawn at the
graveyard or crypt. If they then wished to go to their home, they
could issue a /home command.

The /visit and /return command pair are something I have wanted for a
long time. I would be working on a project, and my daughter or
girlfriend would say, "hey come see what I found" or would want to
show me progress on their building. I would teleport to them, but then
I'd have to take a portal and walk all the way back to where I
was. With this plugin, I can simply /visit them, look around for a
while, and when I was done, I could /return to whatever I'd been doing
on my own.

I also wrote this because I was migrating to the built-in permissions
API, and didn't want to have to run an adapter plugin to provide faux
Permissions for SpawnControl.

=== Future ===

I'd like to add a /nearby command to list the three or four closest
places and the direction they are in. I'd also like to consider ways
to integrate in-game beds, but am not sure if it's worthwhile or even
what the appropriate feature would do. It needs more thinking!

I need to add some fuzzy search and naming, and a way to list the
places for a world in a usable way.
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