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Simplified plugin for multi-world weather control
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This is a Bukkit plugin is intended to provide minimalistic weather
control options on a per-world basis. It integrates with the built-in
Bukkit permissions framework to allow users to override the weather
and time for a world temporarily, and to use a Mjolnir-like item
similar to the defunct MotherNature plugin.

=== Configuration ===

To configure weather for a world, create a configuration for it in the
plugins/Weather directory. For example, the world named "mainworld"
would have the file plugins/Weather/mainworld.yml

The configuration file follows this format:

  schedule: 120
  schedulefudge: 0
  duration: 30
  durationfudge: 0

  schedule: 240
  schedulefudge: 0
  duration: 30
  durationfudge: 0

The "schedule" value is the number of seconds that the rain/thunder
should begin. This timer begins counting when the plugin loads, and
again whenever the next scheduled rain/thunder event ends.

The "schedulefudge" value is a way to add a random element to the
amount of time between weather events. A random number of seconds
between 0 and schedulefudge will be added to each schedule
timer. Thus, with a schedule of 120 and a schedulefudge of 0, it will
always rain 120 seconds after the last scheduled rain ended. But with
a schedule of 120 and a schedulefudge of 60, it will rain between 120
and 180 seconds after the last scheduled rain ended.

The "duration" value is how long the rain/thunder should last. Once
the duration has passed, the schedule timer will begin ticking again.

The "durationfudge" value works similarly to "schedulefudge". A random
number of seconds between 0 and durationfudge will be added to the
duration each time it begins to rain/thunder.

If the configuration file exists but is empty, all values are
considered to be 0, in which case the weather will be set to clear and
no scheduled changes will occur.

=== Commands ===

This plugin defines a single command, /weather which requires the

/weather KEYWORD [KEYWORD ...]

KEYWORD can be any of the following: clear, rain, rainy, raining,
thunder, thundering, lightning, storm, stormy, storming, morning, day,
night, noon, midnight, sunrise, sunset.

Using the /weather command, a user may force the time of day and the
weather to change. Thus

/weather stormy morning
will set the time to morning and will cause it to rain

/weather clear midnight
will set the time to midnight and clear all weather

/weather thundering raining sunset
will cause it to be raining and thundering, and will set the time to

=== Wand ===

The plugin will permit owners of gold boots (item 317) to right click
objects in the distance to spawn lightning. This requires the

The lightning will do no damage unless the user also has the

TODO: enable overriding of the item type.
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