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A web crawler and API for scouting a URL's most similar neighbors.
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scout is a WebSocket API for a multithreaded web crawler that identifies a URL's most similar neighbors. Scout performs a concurrent breadth-first search, recording URLs whose on-page text generates the lowest measure of Cosine Similarity with respect to the original URL's text. Scout crawls and processes URLs at a rate of ~ 40 URLs/s on a dual core MacBook Pro.


The API supports the following client actions:

  • open() : opens a two-way socket connection
  • send() : terminates the current crawl (if there is one) initiates a crawl beginning from the messaged URL
  • close() : closes an open connection and terminates the current crawl (if there is one)

Scout updates the client upon each update to its record of most similar URLs by sending a serialized JSON object containing the total number of URLs crawled and JSON lists of 1) the 10 most similar URLs crawled and 2) their measures of Cosine Similarity.

A sample WebSocket message from server to client:

"{ "nURLsVisited": 2, "urls" : ["", ""], "scores" : [0.01, 0.0864]}"

Crawls terminate under one of five conditions:

  1. Upon failing to retrieve HTML from the origin URL
  2. Upon receiving a new send() client action
  3. Upon receiving a close() client action
  4. Upon exhausting the queue of URLs to be crawled
  5. Upon crawling the maximum allowed number of distinct URLs (currently 3000)

A working demo of the api can be accessed here

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