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obs-ndi 4.6.0

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@Palakis Palakis released this 12 Mar 21:58
· 178 commits to master since this release

Only use this release with OBS 22 or above!

Changes since 4.5.3

  • Fix for microstutter issues encountered by several users (courtesy of @loopy750)
  • Bugfix: the Dedicated Output filter used to output nothing if a Color Correction filter was placed on first position of a filter chain
  • Source: new "Latency" option.
    • Be careful: setting this to "Low" can cause microstutters. Use with caution!
  • Source and Output: native support for NV12 and I420 YUV pixel formats.
    • Previous versions of the plugin used to perform the conversion to NDI's native UYVY format, but now the NDI SDK supports these two formats natively, removing the need for any conversion performed by the plugin.
  • Linux + macOS bugfix: NDI Name text inputs for program and output were not visible
  • macOS enhancement: try to prevent App Nap from suspending background tasks
  • NDI SDK support updated to version 3.8
  • Catalan localization
  • NDI runtime version now shown at the bottom of the settings dialog (and printed in the current log)
  • Output: slightly improved memory allocation in the audio output code
  • Automated macOS builds now use Azure Pipelines instead of Travis CI

Known issues with these changes

  • The Dedicated Output filter ignores its position in the filter chain and outputs the post-filtering result

Install instructions


  • Using the installer (recommended) : download it, launch it and follow the instructions.
  • Using the archive : copy the contents of the archive to the root of your OBS Studio installation folder, and download and install the NDI 3.8+ Runtime if you haven't already.

On Windows, you must reboot your computer to make a new or updated NDI Runtime installation effective


  • Manual install (64-bit only): Download libndi3_3.8.0-1_amd64.deb and obs-ndi_4.6.0-1_amd64.deb, and install them on your system.
  • PPA: not yet available

macOS (tested with OBS 23.0.0)

Download and run obs-ndi-4.6.0-macOS.pkg. This will install both the plugin and the NDI 3.8+ Runtime. If it doesn't install the NDI runtime, download it here.
Note: the installer package is now digitally signed, so macOS shouldn't complain. However, if it is the case and a security alert pops up when trying to launch the installer, go to the "Security & Privacy" panel in OS X Settings and click "Open Anyway".