Simple C server you can start on any port returns a message
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To compile just run make from command line.

To compile this code you will need gcc and make.

debian: apt-get install build-essential centos: yum install make && yum install gcc

you@server:/folder/path/# make

To use run you@server:/folder/path/# ./annoying_server portnumber &

use jobs to see what servers you are running

to test the server use telnet to the port number

telnet portnumber


./annoying_server 21 & [1] 13682

you@server:/folder/path# telnet 21 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. what is it Here is the message: what is it

I got your messageConnection closed by foreign host.

YAH! You now have an annoying server to setup during ctf.

Use make clean to delete and binary so you can recompile

you@server:/folder/path# make clean

A great thing about this is it displays to the terminal what was sent by the remote connection so you can see what exploits people are using.