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Resources for our observability workshop
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Observability Workshop

These are the resources for the observability workshop provided by Torsten and Nikolaus. This repo is free and open source, feel free to play around with it and learn. If you want to dive deeper and learn about observability at first hand, check out our next appearances or contact us for individual bookings:

Information for our participants

Congrats! You booked a workshop with us! We are looking forward meeting you in person! To make the most of our day together, please prepare yourself:

1) Have a terminal ready

  • If you work on a Mac or Linux system, you should be fine without any more effort.
  • If you work on a Windows machine, please make sure to have an SSH client installed. We recommend that you use PuTTY:

2) Create an SSH Key

As we provide you with your own cloud-based Kubernetes infrastructure for the duration of the workshop, we have to make sure that only you and your fellow participants have access to it.

  • Create an SSH key (or re-use an existing one)
  • Send us the public key in time before the workshop either via E-Mail to Nikolaus and/or Torsten or Slack. Make sure that the private key is stored safely on the machine you bring to the workshop, ready to be used when needed to connect to the cluster.

3) Join our Slack

We use Slack to easily share stuff before and during our workshops. You're welcome to join, please use this link.

4) Easy editing via SSH

For a smooth editing experience during the workshop, please install an editor that enables you to edit the files directly on a remote host. We recommend Visual Studio Code with the Remote-SSH extension.


Do not hesitate to contact us by E-Mail, Twitter or Slack if you have any questions:

👨‍💻 Torsten Köster Nikolaus Winter
🐦 @tboeghk @backstreetkiwi

Previous appearances

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