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switchMap, as well as other **Map operators, will substitute value on the source stream with a stream of values, returned by inner function. When source stream emits, switchMap will unsubscribe from previous inner stream and will call inner function to switch to the new inner observable:

const { rxObserver, palette } = require('api/v0.3');
const { from, timer, pipe } = require('rxjs');
const { zip, take, map, switchMap, delayWhen } = require('rxjs/operators');

// our source$ will emit values at 5ms, 10ms, 20ms
const source$ = fromDelayed([ 5, 10, 20 ]).pipe(
    zip(from(palette), Marble) // colorize each item

const switchMap$ = source$.pipe(
    switchMap(x => timer(0, 3).pipe(
        colorize(x.color))  // colorize as source$ value

// visualization
switchMap$.subscribe(rxObserver('switchMap( timer(0, 3).take(3) )'));

// helpers
function colorize(color) {
  return pipe(
    map(y => Marble(y, color))

// creates a colored Marble
function Marble(value,color) {
  return {
    valueOf: ()=>value
    , color

// like .from, but items are delayed by their value
function fromDelayed (arr) {
  return from(arr).pipe(

Check out this mergeMap vs exhaustMap vs switchMap vs concatMap head-to-head comparison.

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