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Snap Status


Most questions which came up and here we are most frequent questions.

How to install snapd?

Snap is pre-installed and ready to go on the following:

For more info about other distributions please check installing snapd on snapcrafts documentation page.

How to install?

If you run it productive, then please use always latest stable version.

There are 4 different channels:

  • stable
  • candidate
  • beta
  • edge

To install the latest stable version:

(this is always current latest release version, built from release tag)

sudo snap install --stable obsr

Install latest candidate version:

(this is always current latest release candidate (RC) version, built from release tag or commit)

sudo snap install --candidate obsr

Install latest beta version (launchpad snap builds):

(this is launchpad version, built from master and auto built 4 times a day if there are any changes) (snaps built on launchpad are automaticly released under beta channel) sudo snap install --beta obsr

Install latest edge version (snapcraft snap):

_(this is always current latest version built from latest commit on master) (edge builds with snapcraft on each commit to master)

sudo snap install --edge obsr

How to update/upgrade?

Run sudo snap refresh to refresh all snaps of your system.

You can specify branch from which you want to refresh, example with --edge: sudo snap refresh --edge obsr

for more info about usage of snap, run snap --help.

How to UnInstall?

  • !!!WARNING!!! backup data folder before uninstalling snap

    if you uninstall, your datafolder ~/snap/obsr/common/.obsr will be deleted.

    Please make always a backup of your folder ~/snap/obsr/common/.obsr before you uninstall obsr snap.

    to uninstall, run: sudo snap remove obsr.

Where is OBSR snap's default datafolder?

Default data folder for snap builds is located at ~/snap/obsr/common/.obsr.

If you have never launched snap before, this folder will be created on first start.

How do I launch QT/Daemon/CLI/tx?

Launch QT from startmenu

In ubuntu, debian and other linux systems, if you have installed any desktop, then you should find 3 launchers/icons in your start menu:

  • OBSR Qt
  • OBSR Qt (Testnet)
  • OBSR Qt (Regtest)

Launch daemon/qt/cli/tx from terminal

We used a dot (.) insted of a hyphen (-) to run obsr snap build:

  • for main network (you can use obsr.daemon --testnet too, but we added obsr.daemon-testnet for that, check bellow.)
    • obsr.daemon
    • obsr.cli
    • obsr.qt
  • for testnet
    • obsr.daemon-testnet
    • obsr.cli-testnet
    • obsr.qt-testnet
  • for regtest
    • obsr.daemon-regtest
    • obsr.cli-regtest
    • obsr.qt-regtest

If you want to use obsr-tx, then it would be obsr.tx.

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