3rd Party Client Library for Manipulating Go Daddy DNS Records.
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PyGoDaddy is a 3rd-party client library, written in Python, for site admins(devs), to make GoDaddy suck less.

Currently, Only A-Record manipulation is supported


  • Login with a USERNAME and a PASSWORD
  • CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE your domain's DNS Records (A-Record only for now)


To install pygodaddy, simply:

pip install pygodaddy


from pygodaddy import GoDaddyClient
client = GoDaddyClient()
if client.login(username, password):
    print client.find_domains()
    client.update_dns_record('sub.example.com', '')



Or you can always refer to docstrings and tests


Create a file in tests/accounts.py

Put settings in this file:

accounts = [
        'username': 'USERNAME',
        'password': 'PASSWORD',
        'test_domain': 'DOMAIN.NAME',

run nosetests tests in root directory