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  • [Fix] Fixed compatiblity issue with the latest fs.notify module.


  • [fix] If the wrap module is specified, also wrap the development version.
  • [fix] Don't send data to the crush child processes, if the content is empty
  • [fix] Fixed multiple lenght->length typo's
  • [fix] Listen to the child-process close event instead of exist this causes bugs on Node 0.8.x
  • [minor] Bumped version numbers


  • [fix] Added semicolon when concating javascript files.
  • [fix] Don't queue up changes if a build fails
  • [fix] Watching should watch all files again
  • [fix] Bumped versions


  • [new] Added outofdate functionality where syncs with the latest version in github to see if you are running an out of date binary
  • [docs] Added more documentation for the square.json specification
  • [docs] Added more documentation for the pre-processors
  • [depricated] depricated the vars field in favor of tags in the configuration.
  • [upgrade][breaking] Refactored the watcher, it's now much faster in detecting file changes.
  • [delete] Removed pointless packages that can be lazy loaded using canihaz
  • [fix] fixed the linter to lint the files with the correct based on file extension.
  • [fix][breaking] square treats output destinations relative to the square.json file's location
  • [upgrade] use the new closure compiler
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