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  • --watch [port] port, is optional and should be a number above 1024
  • -w short version


The watch flag allows you to watch your bundled files for changes and continuously rebuild your code. If you have plugin's defined in the command line flags then these will also be ran every time a file change occurs.

But it's not only able to watch your files for changes it also comes with live reload functionality. When you supply the --watch command with a port number we start real-time reload service that will refresh your browser every time the files in your have changed. So no more need to press that pesky F5 button any more.

When the service is started you will be promoted with a small async JavaScript snippet that needs to be included above the closing </body> tag on your page:

  Please note that this is an example output, your personal code my differ
  from this code snippet

Make sure that the e.src="http://.." points to the correct location, it should be the IP of your machine that runs the square command.


square --bundle dir --watch
square --bundle dir --plugin minify --watch
square --bundle dir --watch 8080