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The whole purpose of square is to provide you with building blocks to create an advanced and maintainable build system so you can streamline your development process and be more productive on a daily basis.


  • Transparent support for meta languages such as coffeescript, stylus, less and sass. The only requirement for this is that the correct file extension is used so it can be matched with our compilers.
  • Packages that are not commonly used by developers are lazy installed using the npm package. This reduces the amount of bloat that needs to be installed.
  • Automatic inlining files based on special square comment statements, the only restriction to this is that the same filetype should be used as these files are not transparently processed.
  • Fully customizeable by the user.
  • Supports fucking awesomeness.


Square requires you to have a minimum version of Node 0.6.10 installed on your system. And it might require sudo privlages for installation as it needs to install the square binary in the /user/bin directory. As square comes with a commandline interface you should use the -g dash during npm installation:

npm install square -g

If the installation fails because you don't have enough privlages you should add sudo in front of the npm installation command:

sudo npm install square -g


If you are interested in developing or contributing code to square you can clone this github repository and use the make install && sudo make install command. This step does require you to have both git and make installed on your system.

git clone
cd square
make update
sudo make install

This ensures that the square binary is symlinked so every change you make to the source code is directly reflected in the binary.

Command line flags

square -b, square --b

This flag indicates the location of the square.json bundle file. It does not have to be the exact location of the file as square will search that directory for possible bundle file matches.

It searches for either a square.json or a bundle.json in the specified directory. If you want to change the file name of this file you can use the --filename flag.

# search ./my/directory for a bundle file
square --bundle ./my/directory

square -f, square --filename

This changes the name of the bundle file that square will be looking for, this allows you to specifiy multiple bundle files in one single directory without creating conflicts. This flag allows you to specify a commma sepeerated list of files that can be used to find the bundle file.

Please note that it only allows you to specify the file name, not the extension. The .json extension is still required for your file and does not need to be in the filename that you specify using this command.

# search dir ./ for a package.json file
square --bundle ./ --filename package

square -e, square --extension

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