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This project has been made for a basic angular course.

To see this code running (except the node backend)

To play the original game (made by LOTUM) go to

Each step represent a step in the explanation of how to work with angular.

Generator used as a base:

Available gulp tasks

  • $ gulp to build an optimized version of your application in folder dist
  • $ gulp serve to start BrowserSync server on your source files with live reload
  • $ gulp serve:dist to start BrowserSync server on your optimized application without live reload
  • $ gulp test to run your unit tests with Karma
  • $ gulp test:auto to run your unit tests with Karma in watch mode
  • $ gulp protractor to launch your e2e tests with Protractor
  • $ gulp protractor:dist to launch your e2e tests with Protractor on the dist files


  • Step1: let's have a look around and understand the structure of the application
  • Step2: let's run it
  • Step3: let's comment the index and start building our own from the UX
  • Step4: add 4 images and an input box
  • Step5: get 4 non licenced pictures and resize them
  • Step6: Adding images to the project
  • Step7: Attach angular to the input (ng-model)
  • Step8: checking correct solution (ng-show/ng-if, calling functions)
  • Step9: checking only on input change, showing toast when solution is correct
  • Step10: Observing model change instead of input change ($scope, $
  • Step11: Time the solution
  • Step12: Refactor
  • Step13: Adding level 2, Adding level concept, adding end game concept
  • Step14: Adding game ended screen and route
  • Step15: clean up html and some css
  • Step16: Material design
  • Step17: Testing unit, show code coverage
  • Step18: e2e tests
  • Step19: Clean e2e
  • Step20: Adding buttons for the solution (ng-repeat)
  • Step21: Fix tests
  • Step22: get Levels from the serve
  • Step23: Adding level to the url
  • Step24: Updating tests
  • Step25: Adding animation