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This version of the game is not random, you can - in theory - solve it. Every position of the game generates a tile with a specific value in a specific point

This project has been made to teach in a react+redux workshop, it is not production ready and some choices are to illustrate a functionality even if not the "best".

To play with this code (you can use redux devtool to undo etc)

alt text

To start:

  • npm start

Test and coverage:

  • npm test

Build (go to /dist)

  • npm run copy & webpack --env=dist


  • Step 1: Clone the boilerplate (
  • Step 2: draw a board
  • Step 3: add tiles
  • Step 4: add Sass (change the require on top of app.js)
  • Step 5: add keyboard listeners
  • Step 6: move tiles to state and add the first movement concept
  • Step 7: time to write a test (failing isolated test for business logic)
  • Step 7: Right movement, no merging
  • Step 8: full algorithm
  • Step 9: Adding CSS
  • Step 10: Adding reducer yo react-webpack-redux:reducer main
  • Step 11: Moving state to reducer (breakes the game)
  • Step 12: Creating actions, dispatching, moving business logic (game is back)
  • Step 13: Testing the game logic in the reducer
  • Step 14: Animation
  • Step 15: Score
  • Step 16: Redux dev tool
  • Step 17: Moving business logic
  • Step 18: Adding logic to add a tile
  • Step 19: Adding game over concept
  • Step 20: Adding new tile animation
  • Step 21: Moving tiles to its own component
  • Step 22: Game Over Screen (Trigger by invalid move not by "no more moves")
  • Step 23: Real game over
  • Step 24: Deciding where next tile goes
  • Step 25: Restart button
  • Step 26: Fix test (yeah, I should have done it earlier...)
  • Step 27: Adding not on non implemented test
  • Step 28: Generating different values of tiles