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Initial version using GitHub releases. v1.5.0 debuts the graphical interface for Hindsight, compiled as a Windows executable. Also included are the Python version (hindsight.py) and the PyInstaller-compiled command line executable (hindsight.exe).


The GUI version (hindsightGUI.exe) is portable and can be used by itself. hindsight.exe and hindsight.py both will look for a 'plugins' directory in the same location as Hindsight; extract plugins.zip to the same directory to use the complete set of Hindsight plugins.

More complete changelogs will be maintained with releases going forward. The biggest changes between v.1.4.9 and v1.5.0 are:

  • Support for detecting and parsing all current versions of Chrome (1-46)
  • Better exception handling around malformed input files (for example, if one of the Chrome files has been partially overwritten)
  • Made get_cookies() function more flexible; now parses 'Extension Cookies' database as well
  • Added compiled GUI version and updated compiled command line version to v1.5.0