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@obsidianforensics obsidianforensics released this
· 8 commits to master since this release
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What's Changed

🚀 Features

  • Support for Chrome 91-96 by @obsidianforensics in #107, #117
  • Add parsing of TransportSecurity file (HSTS settings).
  • Add parsing of Session Storage #102
  • Adds new "Site Setting" record type, which includes settings and preferences that are site-specific, including zoom, mute, hsts, engagement, and potentially more. #100
  • More parsing of Preference items: network_prediction_options, password_manager, sessions.event_log, and sync settings. #101

🛠️ Minor Changes & Fixes

Full Changelog: v2021.04.26...v2021.12

New Contributors

Both the GUI and command line versions of this release are available as:

  • compiled exes attached to this release or in the dist/ folder
  • .py versions are available by pip install pyhindsight or by downloading/cloning the GitHub repo.