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Download the Obsidian Secure Messenger Today!

  • You can download the latest alpha release from the Releases area.
  • Please open an Issue for all problems you encounter.
  • To see what is currently being worked on, please visit the Projects page.


This version of OSM requires Windows 10. If you don't have Windows 10, you may be eliglible for a free update from Microsoft. If that doesn't apply, you can still watch a video.


Update from a previous version of OSM

  1. Download the latest release and double-click the .appx file.

First install of OSM

  1. Make sure you have 'Developer mode' or 'Sideload apps' enabled in Windows 10 Settings.
  2. Double-click the certificate file ObsidianApp.cer from the releases page. A dialog appears, choose 'Install Certificate...'.
  3. Choose the 'Local Machine' certificate store.
  4. Then, click 'Browse...' and choose 'Trusted People'. Then click 'Ok', 'Next' and 'Finish'.
  5. Download the latest .appx file from the releases page and double-click it. The app should install without problems and can be found in the Start Menu under 'Obsidian Messenger'.

The certificate installation procedure is a one-time effort. For updates, you'll just double-click the new .appx. When downloaded from the Windows Store, no certificate installation is necessary.

Screenshots of the first-install procedure:

Enable Developer mode or Sideload apps:

Click ObsidianApp.cer to start the import:

Choose Local Machine:

Add the certificate to Trusted People:


Q: Which additional platforms are you targeting in the future?

We are planning to release OSM for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 7-8.1 and Linux in the given order.

Q: It doesn't work for me! Bugs!

Please open an issue and report what happendend. This is the goal of this repository and your help is much appreciated!

Q: Where is the source?

The source code of our messenger is not here and won't be any time soon! :-) With OSM we do and will do things that have not been done before or not this way. That's why we want to keep some of the secret sauce for ourselves until we've found some traction in the market.

Q: Cryptography needs public review, so you need to show your code!

That's very true, and because of this we'll publish the code and create the ability to create own builds from source when the time has come.

Q: Is OSM secure now?

Neither we nor anyone else can read messages you send with OSM, they are fully end-to-end encrypted. Still, many security features we want to implement on top of it are still missing, and we'll be moving things around alot so that there can be bugs. Also, as long as the code has not been reviewed, you should not consider it to be secure.