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Obsidian QT | Wiki of Obsidian (ODN) – Cryptocurrency & Secure Anonymous Messaging

Welcome to the Obsidian-QT wiki! Alongside the Obsidian community, we have a list of well written guides, FAQs, and information about the Obsidian-QT wallet. Please reach out to the Obsidian Community or Dev team for questions that you could not find an answer to here. Feel free to hang around our Discord for general chats as well!



Installing Obsidian-QT

Please refer to the Obsidian-QT Wallet release for a list of built Obsidian Wallets. We are currently supporting:

Installing obsidiand Source

If you are planning to run the Obsidian Blockchain as a background process on your machine, such as on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or the Raspberri-Pi you can build the obsidiand binary file from the source. While using obsidiand you can stake your wallet balance, view transactions, send Obsidian (ODN), and backup your wallet. There is no graphical interface for obsidiand.

For more information on building the obsidiand binary file, please view these Wiki pages for complete instructions:

Community Contibutions

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