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Quick Links for Contributing

Coding Guidelines

  • OBS Studio uses kernel normal form (linux variant), for more information, please read here:
  • Avoid trailing spaces. To view trailing spaces before making a commit, use "git diff" on your changes. If colors are enabled for git in the command prompt, it will show you any whitespace issues marked with red.
  • Tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment. Tabs are treated as 8 columns wide.
  • 80 columns max

Commit Guidelines

  • OBS Studio uses the 50/72 standard for commits. 50 characters max for the title (excluding module prefix), an empty line, and then a full description of the commit, wrapped to 72 columns max. See this link for more information:

  • Make sure commit titles are always in present tense, and are not followed by punctuation.

  • Prefix each commit's titles with the module name, followed by a colon and a space (unless modifying a file in the base directory). After that, the first word should be capitalized.

    So for example, if you are modifying the obs-ffmpeg plugin:

    obs-ffmpeg: Fix bug with audio output

    Or for libobs:

    libobs: Fix source not displaying

    Note: When modifying cmake modules, just prefix with "cmake".

  • If you still need examples, please view the commit history.

Conduct Guidelines