@jp9000 jp9000 released this Aug 26, 2014 · 4500 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed a flaw where no fonts could be loaded unless you had fontconfig installed via ports/brew. Also, Jim needs to make sure to test builds on non-development machines. (Jim)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a font file wasn't able to load for whatever reason. (Jim)

@jp9000 jp9000 released this Aug 26, 2014 · 4505 commits to master since this release

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  • Added mac window capture source (palana)
  • Added cropping and auto-cropping to mac desktop capture (palana)
  • Added more linux v4l2 video device capture capabilities (fryshorts)
  • Added text source (paibox)
  • Added File -> "Show Recordings" menu entry (palana)
  • Added File -> "Show Log Files" menu entry (palana)
  • Added advanced encoder settings to UI (Jim)
  • Added more logging information for the sake of diagnostics (Jim)
  • Added logging of system information on linux (fryshorts)
  • Fixed some issues with log uploading to github (palana)
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to check for updates more than once (Jim)
  • Fixed many linux v4l2 video device capture issues (fryshorts)
  • Fixed some bugs with obs-x264 plugin, specifically setting custom settings (Jim)
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if trying to start up OBS with 10.7 or below, it will now hopefully warn users to update to the required version instead (Jim)
  • If Direct3D fails to initialize on windows, fall back to OpenGL (Jim)
  • Check for valid video sizes when initializing video to prevent users from entering in invalid values (Jim)
  • Update information on status bar when recording (palana)
  • Preserve source settings if plugin removed (palana)

API and backend related changes:

  • Removed visual studio projects and make it exclusively use cmake (BtbN)
  • Made project dependencies automatically copy to output directories on windows via cmake to make compiling the project much less painful (Jim)
  • Improved libobs API consistency, make all major API functions use similar/consistent naming patterns (Jim)
  • Added automatic output scaling feature to outputs/encoders, if this feature is enabled on an output or encoder, it will automatically rescale the video data. This will allow the creation of multiple outputs with different resolutions in the future. (Jim)
  • Updated install instructions (Jim/BtbN)

@jp9000 jp9000 released this Jul 17, 2014 · 4719 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed an issue where mac would check for windows updates and vise
    versa. Yes, that's right, point and laugh at me. (Jim)


  • Fix transparency not working with image sources (Jim)
  • Add support for more devices with mac video capture devices (Palana)
  • Localization correction for image lpugin (andy-kliman)
  • Fix scene editing display issues on some systems (Palana)
  • Fix a crash that can happen with a user's first run (Jim)
  • Update to Qt from 5.2.0 to 5.3.1 to prevent potential bugs and
    crashes that may have been occurring due the older version (Jim)

@jp9000 jp9000 released this Jul 17, 2014 · 4720 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fix transparency not working with image sources (Jim)
  • Add support for more devices with mac video capture devices (Palana)
  • Localization correction for image lpugin (andy-kliman)
  • Fix scene editing display issues on some systems (Palana)
  • Fix a crash that can happen with a user's first run (Jim)
  • Update to Qt from 5.2.0 to 5.3.1 to prevent potential bugs and
    crashes that may have been occurring due the older version (Jim)

@jp9000 jp9000 released this Jul 14, 2014 · 4730 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Add image file source and image file support to the core (Jim)
  • Add localization to all plugin modules in addition to the UI (Jim)
  • Add tons of translations (Too many people to list, thank you so much to all the translators who contribute to the project. You are all absolutely amazing)
  • Add right-click context menus to lists to add/remove/edit/transform sources (Jim)
  • Add source renaming (Jim)
  • Add much higher quality volume meters to the mixer (HomeWorld)
  • Add 'Order' menu for reordering of sources (Jim)
  • Add auto-reconnecting. When reconnecting, a message will appear on the status bar and in the log. (Jim)
  • Add status bar: CPU usage, dropped frames, bitrate, session time, warnings/errors (Jim)
  • Add update checking. If your version is out of date, it will display a message box with the new version and information where to download (Jim)


  • Make it so settings do not save unless they are actually modified by the user in order to prevent overriding future defaults (Jim)
  • Change the 'Scale' option in transform to 'Size', scale is somewhat of a useless value to users. May have to work on wording for some of the other controls (Jim)
  • Do not clamp aspect ratio by default when using any bounds mode (Jim)
  • Preserve source properties and defaults if certain properties become unavailable due to configuration changes, such as formats for one device becoming unavailable when switching to a different device, and use a visual indicator to specify that the setting is unavailable and the setting that is currently automatically selected (Palana)
  • Implement better logging of session data (Jim)


  • Add properties to video device capture (bazukas/fryshorts)
  • Fix cursor draw position in display capture (Jim)
  • Fix an issue with window capture xcomposite capture where configuration could be lost (reboot)
  • Fix a potential case where the video device capture could freeze the program (fryshorts)
  • Add support for ImageMagick packages instead of FFmpeg in case the system has weak FFmpeg support (BtbN)


  • Expand support for more video formats for video device capture (Palana)
  • Change preset order for video device capture (Palana)
  • If a preset is currently unavailable, show it and preserve configuration, but use the next best available preset (Palana)
  • Add OSX native shortcut (backspace) for source deletion (Palana)

@jp9000 jp9000 released this Jun 17, 2014 · 4989 commits to master since this release

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All operating systems

  • Add scene editing. You can now click on sources to move/scale/etc. Also, make sure to check out the 'Edit -> Transform' menu, which has features for rotating/flipping sources, as well as an 'Edit Transform' dialog that allows the ability to edit the numeric values for a scene item's transform directly. (Jim)
  • Added volume meters to sound mixer (antihax/Jim)
  • Automatically apply recommended encoder settings for specific services like twitch that require a 2 second keyframe interval (Jim)
  • Use libfdk for AAC audio if manually built with available packages by the user, otherwise default to FFmpeg's built-in AAC (BtbN)
  • Add support for planar YUV 4:2:0 async video sources (Jim/palana)
  • Automatically open properties when a source is created (Jim)
  • Add a number of test translations for japanese, italian, russian, german, finnish (trapped/shousa/arkkis/Tak0r/any-kliman)
    NOTE: We'll be using crowdin when we get closer to release, it'd probably be best to avoid translations before then. We also need to ensure proper right-to-left language support (again)


  • Fix bug where mac audio capture would not initialize on 10.8 in certain circumstances (Jim)
  • More improvements to mac video device capture (palana)


  • A number of pulseaudio capture source module modifications (fryshorts)


  • Add preliminary DirectShow capture source module (Jim)
  • Fix bug with mouse cursor being drawn in the wrong position in window/monitor capture (Jim)

Next up for Jim: Bitmap source module, plus potential refactor of API naming scheme across the board


@jp9000 jp9000 released this May 21, 2014 · 5094 commits to master since this release

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Okay, so mac users are constantly asking for a way to stream. Apparently there aren't many good streaming solutions on mac, so I figured I may as well release a build if people just want to at least stream/record their screens or webcams (and possible even some capture devices, not sure about how supported each one is yet though).

This is a super early work-in-progress build for people who have been constantly asking. It still doesn't do much, but you can at least stream your desktop efficiently.

I know it's still may not seem like much right now, but please bear with us and follow our progress as the new multiplatform version matures. Eventually, this new code will get all the vital features filled in for each operating system, and will even replace the current windows version.

Rewriting something so large from scratch is dangerous and incredibly ambitious, but we have been successful and have pulled through the worst of the worst to get to this point, it's absolutely been worth it. I've learned so much, and it's been an honor meeting some amazing programmers and becoming a part of such an awesome community. I may contribute the majority of the code, but the fact is without everyone who's been involved, this really wouldn't have been possible.

I'm not currently releasing the windows version of the rewrite because there are too many important features lacking for it to really be usable, like game capture and video device capture, which I'm going to be rewriting from the bottom up as well (and they of all things need it especially). Linux is a different matter entirely due to package management, and it's too early to make a real 'release' for linux, despite the fact that it's about in the same state.

Read this before asking about features

  • IMPORTANT: Scene editing is not yet implemented, it's next up on the agenda. This is very important to note.
  • Bitmap sources are not yet implemented, also next up on the agenda as it's also pretty important.
  • Custom x264 settings entry has not yet been implemented.
  • Video device capture is in for mac (all hail palana), but because of lack of scene editing, you can't really put it in to a corner of your stream at the moment - It's still very unstable. Expect crashes, and give us crash and bug reports if possible.
  • Downscale sharpening shaders have not been implemented yet, so scaling down will be a little bit blurry.
  • Saving/loading/switching/importing/exporting scene profiles hasn't been implemented yet.
  • This is the 'basic' user interface, meant to be simple and easy to use for casual users, keep in mind that there are other user interfaces that are in the works, and this interface still has many improvements to be added.
  • Only supports OSX 10.8+.
  • Don't expect major support right now, this is an incomplete test build, most of our users and support people are windows users and aren't very familiar with mac, so you're on your own right now.
  • There are still a bazillion things down the road, most things you probably want are most likely already planned or in the works.

EDIT: 'Wavtap' may be better for capturing desktop sound. It's apparently super easy to use. Soundflower is a pain. Thanks to those who pointed this out!
Wavtap: https://github.com/pje/WavTap
Wavtap download: https://github.com/downloads/pje/WavTap/WavTap%200.2.0.pkg

'Soundflower' is also available to capture desktop sound on mac:
Soundflower: http://code.google.com/p/soundflower/
Soundflower download: http://code.google.com/p/soundflower/downloads/list

If you're good with C/C++/Obj-C and want to contribute, or want to write new modules, or help implement some features you specifically want to see in sooner, let me know. (Not recommended for the inexperienced)

Read here for contributing guidelines: https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING

OBS rewrite thread: http://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-redux.7736/

You are all awesome, without you this couldn't have happened.