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WebSocket API for OBS Studio.

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obs-websocket is now included by default with OBS Studio 28.0.0 and above. As such, there should be no need to download obs-websocket if you have OBS Studio > 28.0.0.

Binaries for OBS Studio < 28.0.0 on Windows, MacOS, and Linux are available in the Releases section.

Using obs-websocket

It is highly recommended to keep obs-websocket protected with a password against unauthorized control. obs-websocket generates a password for you automatically when you load it for the first time. To change this, open the "obs-websocket Settings" dialog under OBS' "Tools" menu. In the settings dialog, you can enable or disable authentication and set a password for it.

(Psst. You can use --websocket_port(value), --websocket_password(value), --websocket_debug(flag) and --websocket_ipv4_only(flag) on the command line to override the configured values.)

Possible use cases

  • Remote control OBS from a phone or tablet on the same local network
  • Change your stream overlay/graphics based on the current scene
  • Automate scene switching with a third-party program (e.g. : auto-pilot, foot pedal, ...)

Client software

Client libraries (for developers)

Here's a list of available language APIs for obs-websocket:

The 5.x server is a typical WebSocket server running by default on port 4455 (the port number can be changed in the Settings dialog under Tools). The protocol we use is documented in

We'd like to know what you're building with obs-websocket! If you do something in this fashion, feel free to drop a message in #project-showoff in the discord server!


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