@krischer krischer released this Apr 30, 2014 · 7193 commits to master since this release

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This is a maintenance release and contains the collective bug fixes and minor feature improvements of around 150 commits so we advise all users to upgrade.


  • general:
    • fix installation on CygWin (see #755)
  • obspy.core:
    • bugfix: Input/Output to/from QuakeML was missing Amplitude
      elements (see #763)
    • fixing very slow response removal for some magic bad values of npts
      (see #715)
    • extend remove_response for polynomial responses
      (thanks to Sebastien/bonaime, see #566)
  • obspy.datamark:
    • bugfix: channel code now correctly read (4 hex char)
    • bugfix: channels can have different sampling rate
    • improvement: datawide 0.5 (4 bits) encoding now supported
    • century of data can now be specified
  • obspy.fdsn:
    • time out errors get raised properly now. timeout can be specified at
      Client initialization now. (see #717)
    • for advanced users: endpoints of any particular service can now be
      specified explicitly (see #754)
    • new known FDSN providers: 'ORFEUS', 'GFZ', 'NERIES'
    • more robust WADL parser
    • the attach_response=True argument now uses a faster approach to
      download the station data
  • obspy.imaging:
    • Fixing waveform plotting.
  • obspy.sac:
    • SAC files with two digit year header field are now interpreted as
      "19xx", same as done by SAC (see #779)
  • obspy.seedlink:
    • bugfix: different instances of a SeedLink connection had a shared
      state (see #561)
    • multiple smaller bugfixes (see #777)
    • trailing null characters are now stripped from INFO responses (see #778)
  • obspy.seg2:
    • numbers are now also recognized as months
    • now filters non-printable chars from the header enabling it to read some
      more files
  • obspy.signal:
    • the TF misfits now correctly use logarithmic axes instead of scaling an
  • obspy.station:
    • some bugfixes in the obspy.station object classes (see #710)
    • more robust writing of StationXML in case of missing elements
  • obspy.taup:
    • bugfix: avoid a bug that caused multiple calls to taup to result in
      spurious unexpected results (see #728)