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This is the first bug fix release in the 1.0.x series.

Full changelog:

1.0.1: (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.48254)
 - General:
   * Some methods might have unnecessarily upcasted float32 arrays to float64.
     Now methods for which it makes sense and which don't lose accuracy don't
     upcast float32 arrays. Integers are still upcasted. Trace.resample() will
     also no longer return the original dtype which might have resulted in a
     large loss of accuracy but it now always returns float64 arrays.
     (see #1302)
 - obspy.core:
   * Trace.normalize() does no longer divide by zero in case an all-zeros
     data trace is being used. (see #1343)
   * Inventory.select() and consorts now behave as expected even with empty
     child elements. (see #1126, #1348)
   * Code formatting is no longer checked for clean release versions. Thus
     updates to the linters no longer break the tests for releases.
     (see #1312)
   * remove_response(..., pre_file=None, plot=True) works again. (see #1320)
 - obspy.clients.arclink:
   * Restored ArcLink encryption support. (see #1352, #1347)
 - obspy.clients.fdsn:
   * Local URLs are now recognized as valid URLs. (see #1309)
   * Some bug fixes for the mass downloader. (see #1293, #1304)
   * The NOA node has been added to the list of known nodes.
     (see 2347a25714bc3e16068031f4b6138fafd627d34e)
 - obspy.io.sac:
   * More automatic merging of SAC and ObsPy headers. The new `obspy.io.sac`
     modules thus behaves more like the old one and more in line with
     expectations of users. (see #1285)
   * No more out of bounds errors when assigning coordinates. (see #1300)
   * The evdp header can be set again. (see #1345)
   * Correctly propagating sampling rate changes to the SAC headers.
     (see #1317)
   * Always set nvhdr, leven, lovrok, iftype to ensure valid SAC files.
     (see #1204)
 - obspy.io.xseed:
   * The Parser.get_paz() method now works with multiple blockette 53s.
     (see #1281)
 - obspy.taup
   * Fixed wrong azimuth direction for paths > 180 degrees distance (see #1289)
   * Azimuth is appended to arrivals as well (see #1289)
   * Fixed issue with taup cache function on Python 2.7. (see #1308)