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@megies megies released this Feb 17, 2019 · 591 commits to master since this release

This is the first and only bug fix release in the 1.1.x series.

Full changelog:

1.1.1: (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1040770)

  • General:
    • Tests pass with numpy 1.14 (see #2044).
    • Map plots now also work with matplotlib >= 2.2 (see #2089).
  • obspy.core:
    • UTCDateTime now raises a meaningful exceptions when passing invalid or
      out-of-bounds 'julday' during initialization (see #1988)
    • Fix pickling of traces with a sampling rate of 0 (see #1990)
    • read_inventory() used with non-existing file path (e.g. typo in filename)
      now shows a proper "No such file or directory" error message (see #2062)
    • Fix Trace.times(type='matplotlib') being slow (see #2112)
    • read_events() and read_inventory() now trial most common plugins first
      (QuakeML/StationXML, ...) in case of automatic file format detection (i.e.
      when file type was not explicitly specified, see #2113)
    • Event instances with Origin instances that have do not have defined
      latitude/longitude attributes will no longer raise a TypeError when
      creating a string representation (see #2119 and #2127).
    • Fix Stream.get_gaps() when a trace is completely overlapping another trace
      (see #2218).
    • Fix Exception when comparing ComparingObjects (see #2220).
    • Fix UTCDateTime.strftime() when year is <1900 on Python 2 (see #2167)
    • Inventory objects are more convenient to create now. Network, station, and
      channel codes can now be optional. Additionally the source parameter of
      inventories must no longer be specified at init time (see #2307, #2314).
  • obspy.clients.arclink:
    • Raise a warning at import time that the ArcLink protocol will be
      deprecated soon (see #1987).
  • obspy.clients.fdsn:
    • Mass downloader: Priority lists are now correctly overwritten if channel
      and/or location are set (see #1810, #2031, #2047).
    • A few fixes and stability improvements for the mass downloader (see
    • Fixed routing startup error when running under certain locales (see #2147)
    • Update the IPGP mapping (see #2268).
    • Adding a mapping for the KNMI (see #2270) services.
  • obspy.clients.nrl:
    • Set input units of overall sensitivity to input units of first stage in
      NRL.get_response() (see #2248)
  • obspy.geodetics:
    • Fix the vincenty inverse calculation for equatorial lines (see #2282).
  • obspy.imaging:
    • Normalize moment tensors prior to plotting in the mopad wrapper to
      stabilize the algorithm (see #2114, #2125).
    • fix some map plotting issues with cartopy and local projection (see #2193,
    • Fixes an issue with the time representation (see #2165, #2179).
    • Bugfix when phase_mapping is passed as argument when writing a Catalog
      object to CNV (see #2001)
    • Fix automatic filetype detection (see #2160 and #2162)
    • Fix reading stream ID for station/channel code in header (see #2289,
    • Fix bitmask in getting compression code (see #2290, #2310)
    • Ability to read files that have embedded chunks of non SEED data. (see
      #1981, #2057).
    • Fix util.get_start_and_end_time returning sample rate = 0 when sample rate
      = 1 (see #2069)
    • Avoid showing invalid warnings when guessing endian during parsing
      timestamps (see #1988)
    • util.get_record_information() now works correctly for negative sampling
      rate factors and multipliers (see #2030, #2191).
    • Bug-fix for amplitudes without magnitude_hint (see #2021)
    • Bug-fix for wavefiles with full path stripping (see #2021)
    • Bug-fix for longitudes between -100 and -180 (see #2197)
    • Fix problems reading some Reftek 130 files, presumably due to floating
      point accuracy issues in comparing timestamps. Internal representation of
      time stamps is changed to integer nanosecond POSIX timestamp (see #2036,
      #2038, #2105)
    • Fix a bug that prevents reading files that have no data in first channel
      (see #2101)
    • Allow passing on the byteorder flag from the top-level
      function (see #2285, #2292).
    • Fix inventory read when maxClockDrift is unset in SC3ML (see #1993)
    • Fix the reading of FIR coefficients when multiple whitespaces in SC3ML
      (see #2259)
    • Fix the reading of the poles and zeros when multiple whitespaces in SC3ML
      (see #2260).
    • Fix reading files with zero sampling rates (see #2294 and #2293)
    • Fix divide by zero error when parsing sc3ml files of zero sampling rage
      (see #2294).
    • Allow writing of dates before 1900 also on Python 2 (see #2013, #2015).
    • Write the UTC time zone specifier to all times (see #2015).
    • Units of first response stage as well as unit response stages are now
      determined with some heuristics (see #2250, #2318).
    • Third condition to split blockettes when reading RESP files. Now more
      forgiving for slightly different files (see #2170, #2189)
  • obspy.signal:
    • Allow singular COUNT units in evalresp (see #2003, #2011).
    • Fix an evalresp issue in case of an analog PAZ stage zero denominator (see
      #2171 and #2190)
    • PPSD: for safety reasons, raise an ObsPyException if trying to read a PPSD
      npz file that was written with a newer version of the npz representation
      than is used by current ObsPy version (see #2051)
    • The ar_pick() trigger function now raises an error if the three data
      arrays don't have the same length (see #1801, #2148).
    • fix a precision issue in AR picker in case of low amplitude input (see
      #2252 and #2253)
  • obspy.taup:
    • Fallback to linear slowness interpolation for very small and shallow
      layers (see #2126, #2129).
    • Fix bug preventing constant-velocity models with discontinuities at every
      layer boundary from being built (see #2264).
    • More robust resize method so TauPy now works properly on Python 3.7 (see
      #2280, #2319).
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