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Salt formula for ObsPy

Contains a salt state file for installing obspy. The default is to install the latest stable release using the supported methods, and packages from official operating system repositories whenever possible.

Debian/Ubuntu install

Adds deb repo with gpg key, and installs package automatically

Red Hat/CentOS/Scientific Linux

The current behavior is to fall back to a PIP install. The package dependencies will be installed via yum. This assumes you have already set up the EPEL repo, and does not check for this. The salt program is found in EPEL, so if you installed from there, or used the bootstrap salt script, this should already be set up.

Arch Linux

Experimental PIP install, same as RHEL, install dependencies from package, then use PIP for the rest. This is currently set up to install the latest ObsPy release, which is not yet Python 3, so the dependencies and pip install all use the python2 Arch packages (The python (3) deps are stubbed out in map.jinja in anticipation of this release).


Assuming this is installed in base path (e.g. '/srv/salt/obspy')

Using top file:

# Example top.sls file snippet
# Installs obspy on all Linux machines.
        - match: compound
        - obspy

Using shell (dry run): From salt master

$ sudo salt -G 'kernel:Linux' state.sls obspy test=True

Local or masterless minion

$ sudo salt-call --local state.sls obspy test=True