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Strictly speaking, you do not need another remote. To just download the code
use `git fetch upstream pull/1756/head:fix_arclink`. To push, you can specify
the remote url without adding it `git push fix_arclink`.

I also like to set an `insteadOf` config like:

$ git config --list | grep instead

so that I can do `git push github:petrr/obspy fix_arclink`.
  • convert existing issue into a pull request
    • can be done using github/hub (available for Anaconda)

      hub pull-request -i 1704 -b obspy:master -h obspy:trace_always_contiguous
    • or via a simple POST command, e.g. using curl:

      curl --user megies --request POST --data '{"issue": "2", "head": "megies:testbranch2", "base": "master"}'
      # in case of 2-factor authentication enabled..
      curl --header "X-GitHub-OTP: 123456" --user megies --request POST --data '{"issue": "2", "head": "megies:testbranch2", "base": "master"}'
      • issue: number of the already existing normal issue
      • head: repository/branch that should be pulled in
      • base: branch that the pull request should be merged into (target repository specified in the url), usually either master (for feature branches) or releases (for bug fixes)
  • interaction with svn
  • Squash commits using git rebase
# squash the last 4 commits interactively
# Only do this on a branch no one else is using
git rebase -i HEAD~4
git push --force upstream my_feature_branch
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