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Bookmark Manager

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WordPress Plugin

Bookmark Manager is a plugin for WordPress. Use your WordPress site as bookmark manager to save and manage web links. A bookmarklet helps you to save links while you browse the web.


There are two ways to install the plugin:

  1. Download the latest version as ZIP from bookmark-manager/releases (Recommended)
  2. Clone repository and install dependencies (for developers)

Installation for Developers

# cd into wp-content/plugins
$ git clone git@github.com:obstschale/bookmark-manager.git
$ cd bookmark-manager

# Install dependencies
$ composer install
$ yarn # Alternatively, npm install

# Build assets
$ yarn run production

Pitfall - Bookmarklet

When developing locally you likely want to use yarn run dev. This will watch all assests and rebuild them if the change. However, this will not minify the files!

If you need to work on the bookmarklet itself (bookmark-this.js) you will need a minified version otherwise browsers won't accept it. So keep that in mind!

GNU General Public License v2.0

This plugin is licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0. For more information read the LICENSE document.