Visualize IMDb Ratings of any TV Show's Episodes.
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This repository contains the complete source code that powers


The code in this repository is split into two parts: back and front.

back is a Rust project which downloads IMDb's official dataset from, parses this data, and generates a JSON index of all TV Shows and an episode list file for each TV Show.

front is an Elm project which reads the data generated by back and generates charts and tables for each TV Show as visible on


From back, run cargo run --release to download the IMDb datasets and generate JSON files.

From front, run yarn install and yarn start to run the application on http://localhost:4000.


All code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license.

Using IMDb's dataset is subject to IMDb's license as specified here.

This project uses Highcharts to chart episode ratings which is free only for non-commercial use as specified here.