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Aleksandr Obukhov

In this CV you can find:



I’m a person who is inspired by companies and products like Airbnb, Uber, Slack, etc. and the way they change society and people lives. I enjoy taking part in projects that can really make the difference.

I am interested in modern and growing companies that develop innovative products with a modern tool chain. Interested in senior software engineering positions, working on architecture, team leadership, and high-loaded projects.

More 10 years I’m learning and using technologies and methodologies of building durable fail-safe software with high quality of code that could be maintained and elaborated with minimal costs. I also feel very enthusiastic about building comfortable and efficient working environment and happy teams.


I have a strong knowledge of PHP, Golang, MySql, Redis, Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, ECS) and practical experience at Symfony framework 1/2, Silex framework, Zend Framework, PHPUnit, Composer, RabbitMQ, Docker, CoreOs, Fleet understanding of principles of building scalable and high loaded solutions. I’m well versed in design patterns, domain-driven design, SOLID principles, coding best practices and creating development environment both of setting up development tools like CI/CD and managing agile processes.

Golang code

Some examples of golang code, written by me:



2003 - 2009 Bauman Moscow State University, Department of informatics and control systems (IU). Speciality: Computer Systems, Complexes and Networks (IU-6). Engineer degree.

Work experience

Lykon: Lead Backend Engineer

May 2017 – September 2017


Lykon is a company that provides a service for health-conscious people, helping them to keep or improve their health by giving online lifestyle recommendations based on blood analysis.


PHP, MySql, Redis, Symfony2, AWS (EC2, S3).

Role and skills:

Working on curated recommendation engine in close interaction with the science team. The engine is represented by Symfony2 application, providing API to react-based frontend application.


  • Elaborating reusable approach for recommendation score calculation. Tool for scoring formulas verification.
  • Developing project of optimization of interaction and decoupling from external content management system.

Rocket Labs: Senior Software Engineer

December 2015 – April 2017


Rocket Labs - Rocket Internet-backed venture, developing e-commerce marketplace solution for 2,6M sellers in 87 countries. One of the ventures who used our platform was recently acquired by Alibaba group for $800M.


PHP, MySql, Redis, Zend Framework, AWS (ECS, S3), Golang, Docker, Consul, Fleet, Coreos.

Role and skills:

Working with an international team of 5-8 people on a codebase maintained by more than 50 developers. Suggesting technical solutions for new features, estimating and implementing them. Supporting production systems and handling emergency situations related to server deny of service and data loss.


  • Rewriting the communication module for synchronizing data to a 3rd-party system, tripling the sync process speed.
  • Introducing analytics data collection framework, which was reused in different parts of the project.
  • Development of QA infrastructure based on docker and golang application. It makes possible to deploy the code for testing with a single command to a scalable infrastructure.
  • Golang intermediate application for adapting outdated warehouse system of our partner with our public API.

Lingualeo LLC: Backend developer & Team Lead

April 2012 – November 2015


Lingualeo is one of most well-known Russian startups. The company is developing interactive web service (website, iOS and Android applications) for learning foreign languages using gamification principles. Has over 15 million users worldwide.


PHP, MySql, Redis, RabbitMQ, Symfony, Silex, AWS (EC2, S3, Cloudfront).

Role and skills:

I’ve begun my work as backend developer and then proceed to a team lead. In my daily work, I was helping product owners to specify requirements for their tasks and maintain the backlog. Besides development I was working on task/project planning for my team (6 people), scrum process maintenance (sprints, daily scrum meetings, retro). I was responsible for architecture solutions and code quality (code style, code review).


  • Learning courses platform service launch and improvements.
  • Author’s platform for courses and content launch.
  • Internal currency economics planning, test version launch.
  • Dashboard (recommendation system) launch and improvements.

Previous occupations