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Adaptive imagesresize with crop for ideal proportions fit Magento plugin.
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Magento Resize With Crop Functionality for Ideal Proportions Fit With Every Design.

Instead of resizing and adding white frame this module will crop main part of image.

  • Doesn't rewrite any part of core Magento code
  • Compatable with Magento CE >= 1.3 and Magento EE > 1.10
  • Easily configurable for your needs

Resize examples comparing to Magento default resize

Portrait image with landscape oriented product images design

Portrait image crop

Landscape oriented image with portrait product images design

Landscape image crop

Crop position settings

You can specify crop position for your need by calling setCropPosition() method. Allowed values are: 'top', 'bottom' and 'center'. If no value is specified 'center' will be used by default.

Crop position

How to Use

To use adaptive resize just use adaptiveResize helper instead of product image helper, and change resize() method to adaptiveResize(). Example

$this->helper('adaptiveResize/image')->init($this->getProduct(), 'image')->adaptiveResize(400, 215);
//height is the same is width
// you can specify crop position as 'top', 'bottom' and 'center'. 'center' is used by default

Special Thanks

Resize logic created by Leon Smith

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