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Resources to get started with iOS development

Documentation from Apple

How to code an iOS app

Stuff to help integrate other code with your app

  • Cocoapods The most popular dependency management tool for iOS apps. Makes it really easy to integrate 3rd party code with your app.
  • Cocoa Controls A collection of third party, usually open source, pieces of code to integrate with your app. I really like the visual nature of the site. You can find inspiration here to add widgets to your app.

Design oriented tools

  • Sketch A popular new tool to help design iOS apps.
  • Zeplin An awesome tool to help designers communicate with developers how apps should be laid out. This has become critical in my workflow.

Tools to help launch your app

  • App Review Times Aggregates information from Twitter to indicate how long app review time is running right now.
  • SensorTower An awesome, though expensive tool (free trial available) to help research how to optimize your app store presence.
  • Fabric Previously Crashlytics, but now the full suite of tools including crash reporting, beta testing, and analytics for your app.
  • Google Analytics Just like what you'd use for the web, but also available to integrate with your mobile app.
  • Hockey App 3rd party service to help distribute your app for beta testing.