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This reporsitory is intended for CipherSafe.NET users who have not transitioned to other technologies after the product end-of-life date.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

The following is the list of frequently asked questions answers to which should guide you through the transition.

What is the end-of-life date?

The tentative end-of-life date is November 1, 2019.

Why is CipherSafe.NET discontinued?

We released CipherSafe.NET 16 years ago to address the limitations of the .NET Framework and improve security of legacy applications. By this time, legacy applications should have been ported to newer platforms capable of utilizing improved .NET security features. With reduced demand, we can no longer continue the operations.

Will be decomissioned?


Where can I get the application distribution files?


How long will the distribution files be available?

As long as GitHub allows hosting.

With the website down, how can I register the product?

You cannot use online registration, but we released a corporate license file for the latest version of CipherSafe.NET (Enterprise Edition) to public which can be used to register any version or edition of the product offline.

Can I use the public license file to register an older version of the product since we do not have a more recent license?


Can I use the latest version of the product even if I do not have the latest license?


Will I get in trouble?


Where can I get the public license file?

The public license file comes along with the application distribution.

What is the activation code (for the public license file)?


Can anyone use this activation code?


How do I get the updates about the product end-of-life process?

Follow us on Twitter.

Which technology should I use to protect application secrets?

It depends on an application. If you are currently using VBScript, switch to PowerShell (it offers several ways of protecting sensitive data). For .NET applications, use the .NET Framework's aspnet_regiis.exe utility (here is a nice wrapper and samples that can make it easier: Crypt.config.bat).

Where can I find the code samples?


What if I have a question that has not been answered?

Open an issue here.

What if my question is private?

Send us an email: obviex at gmail dot com.


Sustaining CipherSafe.NET repository and end-of-life documentation.



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