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openFrameworks compiled as a native Unity plug in
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openFrameworks compiled as a native Unity plug in. Nothing more implemented than a proof of concept compiling and drawing a simple mesh. Still seeing strange crashing...

This is still very incomplete.

Requires 'no-fmod' branch of openFrameworks:

If you have a clone of openFrameworks do the following to switch to the right branch

$ cd openFrameworks/
$ git remote add obviousjim
$ git fetch obviousjim
$ git checkout -b no-fmod obviousjim/no-fmod

Then RenderPlugin.xcodeproj should Build, creating the RenderPlugin.bundle target

After making modifications, right click the .bundle and Reveal in Finder

Copy this into UnityProject/Assets/Plugins and restart Unity

Run Unity!

TODO: Create ofAppUnityWindow

Pass Unity camera transform

Pass Mouse and key info

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