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az0t is a program written in java which allows automatic login and reconnection to zeroshell.


In order to work, az0t requires a fully functionnal java runtime environment. You can grab one here

Compiled binaries are available in

Editing configuration

Edit the configuration with your username and password

$ vim config.xml

<username>example</username>                                    # your username
<password>example</password>                                    # your password
<zeroshell></zeroshell>    # captive portal address
<delay>40</delay>                                               # delay between each request
<realm></realm>                                        # domain of your zeroshell
<section>CPGW</section>                                         # section parameter


$ java -jar az0t.jar -c    # generate default configuration file
$ java -jar az0t.jar -h    # show help message
$ java -jar az0t.jar -m    # start the monitor mode

About sources

The sources are available under the GNU-GPL v3.0 license. Howewer, this program use the jsoup library under the MIT license.

In case of bug, contact me via email, I will answer you ASAP.