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Certbot plugin for authentication using Gandi LiveDNS

This is a plugin for Certbot that uses the Gandi LiveDNS API to allow Gandi customers to prove control of a domain name.


/!\ Certbot 1.7.0 imposed breaking changes on this plugin, make sure to remove any prefix-based configuration

  1. Obtain a Gandi API token (see Gandi LiveDNS API)

  2. Install the plugin using pip install certbot-plugin-gandi

  3. Create a gandi.ini config file with the following contents and apply chmod 600 gandi.ini on it:

    # Gandi personal access token

    Replace PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN with your Gandi personal access token and ensure permissions are set to disallow access to other users. You can also use a Gandi LiveDNS API Key instead, see FAQ below.

  4. Run certbot and direct it to use the plugin for authentication and to use the config file previously created:

    certbot certonly --authenticator dns-gandi --dns-gandi-credentials /etc/letsencrypt/gandi/gandi.ini -d

    Add additional options as required to specify an installation plugin etc.

Please note that this solution is usually not relevant if you're using Gandi's web hosting services as Gandi offers free automated certificates for all simplehosting plans having SSL in the admin interface.

Be aware that the plugin configuration must be provided by CLI, configuration for third-party plugins in cli.ini is not supported by certbot for the moment. Please refer to #4351, #6504 and #7681 for details.


PyPI is the upstream distribution channel, other channels are not maintained by me.

Latests builds are also available on Launchpad:

Be careful, installing this plugin with PyPI will also install certbot via PyPI which may conflict with any other certbot already installed on your system.

Wildcard certificates

This plugin is particularly useful when you need to obtain a wildcard certificate using dns challenges:

certbot certonly --authenticator dns-gandi --dns-gandi-credentials /etc/letsencrypt/gandi/gandi.ini -d -d \* --server

Automatic renewal

You can setup automatic renewal using crontab with the following job for weekly renewal attempts:

0 0 * * 0 certbot renew -q --authenticator dns-gandi --dns-gandi-credentials /etc/letsencrypt/gandi/gandi.ini --server

Reading material


I don't have a personal access token, only a Gandi LiveDNS API Key

Use the following configuration in your gandi.ini file instead:

# live dns v5 api key

# optional organization id, remove it if not used

Replace APIKEY with your Gandi API key and ensure permissions are set to disallow access to other users.

I have a warning telling me Plugin legacy name certbot-plugin-gandi:dns may be removed in a future version. Please use dns instead.

Certbot had moved to remove 3rd party plugins prefixes since v1.7.0. Please switch to the new configuration format and remove any used prefix-based configuration. For the time being, you can still use prefixes, but if you do so and keep using prefix-based cli arguments, stay consistent and use prefix-based configuration in the ini file.

New post-prefix configuration for certbot>=1.7.0

  • --authenticator dns-gandi --dns-gandi-credentials
  • gandi.ini
# live dns v5 api key

# optional organization id, remove it if not used
# if you use certbot<1.7.0 please use certbot_plugin_gandi:dns_sharing_id=SHARINGID

Legacy prefix-based configuration for certbot<1.7.0

  • -a certbot-plugin-gandi:dns --certbot-plugin-gandi:dns-credentials
  • gandi.ini
 # live dns v5 api key

# optional organization id, remove it if not used

See certbot/8131 and certbot-plugin-gandi/23 for details. Please make sure to update the configuration file to the new format.

I get a Property "certbot_plugin_gandi:dns_api_key" not found (should be API key for Gandi account).. Skipping.

See above.

Why do you keep this plugin a third-party plugin ? Just merge it with certbot ?

This Gandi plugin is a third party plugin mainly because this plugin is not officially backed by Gandi and because Certbot does not accept new plugin submissions.



Huge thanks to Michael Porter for its original work !