Remote debugger for Lua. Based on RemDebug, but with a new set of features.
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MobDebug is a remote debugger for Lua.

##Conall's change:

added breaknow() function to allow setting breakpoints in code at the spot (rather than setting them by filename and line)


mdb = require('mobdebug')


--your code
mdb.breaknow("My breakpoint")


MobDebug allows to control the execution of another Lua program remotely, set breakpoints, and inspect the current state of the program.

MobDebug is based on RemDebug and extends it in several ways:

  • fixed several existing bugs;
  • removed dependency on LuaFileSystem;
  • added new commands: LOAD, RELOAD, OUT, STACK;
  • added support for debugging wxwidgets applications;
  • added ability to pause and abort running applications;
  • added pretty printing and handling of multiple results in EXEC;
  • added stack and local/upvalue value reporting (STACK);
  • added on/off commands to turn debugging on and off (to improve performance);
  • added support for coroutine debugging (see examples/README for details);
  • added support for Moai debugging;
  • added support for MoSync using MobileLua;
  • added support for Lua 5.2;
  • added support for LuaJIT debugging (see note in Dependencies);
  • added support for cross-platform debugging (with client and server running on different platforms/filesystems);
  • tested integration with ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


-- to start a server you can use to debug your application
> lua -e "require('mobdebug').listen()"

-- to debug a script, add the following line to it:


Make src/mobdebug.lua available to your script. See examples/README and examples/*.lua for examples of how to use the module.


MobDebug depends on LuaSocket 2.0 and has been tested with Lua 5.1 and Lua 5.2. MobDebug also works with LuaJIT v2.0; using loop and scratchpad methods requires v2.0.1.


Paul Kulchenko (


See LICENSE file


v0.55 (Dec 14 2013)

  • Added setbreakpoint and removebreakpoint public methods (closes #8).
  • Fixed complex values 'captured' by redirected 'print' and not collected.
  • Fixed error reporting on debugging non-existing file.
  • Added ability to overwrite line and dump methods for serialization.
  • Added handling of case-sensitive partitions on OSX (fixes #6, closes #7).
  • Fixed Step Over/Out commands to stay in the same coroutine.
  • Updated LICENSE information.
  • Added optimization and limiting elements in a table in serializer (Serpent 0.25).
  • Added support for to enable coroutine debugging.
  • Added reporting of socket error for failed start()/loop() calls.
  • Fixed debugging on/off handling in 'main' thread for LuaJIT.
  • Fixed stepping through blocks with nil variables when 'strict' is in effect.

v0.54 (Aug 30 2013)

  • Added reset of hook visits in case earlier start() call is refused.
  • Added saving host/port configuration to reuse in start/loop calls.
  • Added handling of code fragments reported as 'source'.
  • Improved handling of done() in environments that reuse VMs.
  • Reset state to allow multiple start()/done() calls from the same process.
  • Replaces unpack with table.unpack for Lua 5.2 compatibility.
  • Updated filenames/source code heuristic to avoid serializing filenames.
  • Upgraded Serpent to 0.24 to fix table serialization issue.
  • Upgraded Serpent to 0.231 to fix luaffi issue.
  • Fixed debugging of zero length scripts.

v0.53 (May 06 2013)

  • Added handling of case-insensitive filenames on OSX.
  • Allowed start() to be called inside other functions (like assert).
  • Improved debugging performance.
  • Replaced with non-blocking .receive as it is faster.
  • Upgraded serializer to add notification on incomplete output.
  • Upgraded serializer (v0.224) to add support for __tostring and __serialize metamethods.
  • Updated to allow debug.traceback() to be called under debugger.
  • Fixed 'breaking' after executing OUT command that never reaches the target level.
  • Fixed terminating debugging of an empty script.
  • Fixed resetting cached source as it may change when basedir changes.
  • Fix stack trace when LuaJIT FFI data is present (add cdata handling).

v0.52 (Mar 04 2013)

  • Added done() method to finish debugging and to allow the script to continue.
  • Added support for cross-platform remote debugging.
  • Added support for code reloading and coroutine debugging under LuaJIT (v2.0.1).
  • Added using socket.connect4 when available.
  • Added support for debugging Lua 5.2 scripts.
  • Added check for os.getenv for those platforms that don't implement it.
  • Improved handling of run-time errors in serialized data (__tostring method).
  • Improved reporting of debugger errors to the application.
  • Moved mosync/mobileLua code into a separate module.
  • Fixed an issue with eval/exec commands not working immediately after start().

v0.51 (Dec 13 2012)

  • Added yield callback to customize event loop call during debugging.
  • Added custom error handler for start() call to report errors remotely.
  • Added serialization of remote 'print' results.
  • Added 'output' command to redirect 'print' remotely.
  • Added turning JIT off under LuaJIT to get reliable debug hook calls.
  • Added setting/using global vars in a way that is 'strict.lua' friendly.
  • Changed default port to 8172. Added setting port # using MOBDEBUG_PORT.
  • Updated license to add remdebug license information.
  • Upgraded to Serpent v0.20 to add serialization of metatables with __tostring and fix serialization of functions as shared keys.
  • Fixed using correct environment after the main script is done.

v0.50 (Oct 05 2012)

  • Improved path matching when absolute and relative paths are used.
  • Improved performance; thanks to Stephen Nichols for profiling and detailed suggestions.
  • Added conversion of file names on Windows to lower case to make x:\Foo and X:\foo to match in breakpoint checks.
  • Added reporting errors in deserializing stack data.
  • Fixed an issue with returning stack values with circular references.
  • Fixed serialization of usedata values that don't provide tostring().
  • Fixed an issue with wx IDLE event on Linux.

v0.49 (Sep 03 2012)

  • Added support for unicode names in load and breakpoint commands.
  • Added conversion to short path for unicode names on windows.
  • Added handling of exit/load/reload commands after watch condition is fired.
  • Added support for moai breakpoints and callback debugging.
  • Fixed an issue of starting debugging too early in some cases using start().
  • Fixed an issue with coroutine debugging.
  • Fixed an issue with yielding to wxwidgets apps while running main loop.

v0.48 (Aug 05 2012)

  • Added support for coroutine debugging. Added methods (coro/moai) to support coroutine debugging without adding 'on()' calls to all coroutines.
  • Added on/off methods to turn debugging on and off (to improve performance).
  • Fixed an issue with localized variables not being properly restored if there are multiple variables with the same name in the environment.
  • Added restoring variables between stack calls to make them reflect changes that can be caused by EXEC/EVAL commands.
  • Fixed compilation errors on scripts with a shebang line.

v0.47 (Jun 28 2012)

  • Added special handling to debug clients running under LuaJIT.
  • Fixed an issue when a remote client could not suspend/exit.
  • Added default configuration for start/loop/listen methods.
  • Relaxed safety checks to allow debugging lua code called from C functions (to support debugging Love2d and similar applications).
  • Fixed incorrect initial stack level when started with start() command.
  • Added short_src field to the reported stack data.

v0.46 (Jun 19 2012)

  • Added reporting of stack and variable (local/upvalue) information.
  • Added support for multiple results returned by EXEC/EVAL commands.
  • Added serialization/pretty-printing of results from EXEC/EVAL.

v0.45 (May 28 2012)

  • Added select() implementation to mosync client to abort/break a running mosync app.
  • Added support for scratchpad.
  • Added SUSPEND command to suspend execution of a running script.
  • Added 'loadstring' command to load chunks of code to run under debugger.
  • Added safety mechanism to LOAD/RELOAD to avoid aborting when there are C functions in the stack.
  • Added reset for loaded modules to get 'require' to be processed correctly after LOAD/RELOAD commands.
  • Added integration with MobileLua event loop to allow debugging of applications that require event loop processing.
  • Improved handling and reporting of run-time errors during debugging.
  • Fixed handling of multi-line fragments with comments executed with EXEC/EVAL.
  • Fixed exit from the debugger when the application throws an error.
  • Fixed an issue with saving/restoring internal local variables.
  • Fixed an issue with local variables not being updated after EXEC/EVAL commands.

v0.44 (Mar 20 2012)

  • Updated to work with "mosync" namespace (MobileLua 20120319 and MoSync 3.0).
  • Removed the use of "module()".

v0.43 (Jan 16 2012)

  • Fixed errors from LOAD/RELOAD commands when used with start() method.
  • Added reporting of a file name and a line number to properly display source code when attach to a debugger.

v0.42 (Dec 30 2011)

  • Added support for debugging of wxwidgets applications.
  • Added ability to break an application being debugged; this requires and async processing (doesn't work from the command line).

v0.41 (Dec 17 2011)

  • Added slash conversion in filenames to make breakpoints work regardless of how slashes are specified in file names and in setb/delb commands.
  • Added tests with breakpoints in files in subfolders.
  • Added optimization for filename processing in the debug hook (Christoph Kubisch).
  • Added conversion of newlines for EVAL/EXEC commands to make them work with multiline expressions.
  • Allowed 'setb' and 'delb' commands to accept '-' as the filename. The last referenced (checked/stopped at/etc.) filename is used.

v0.40 (Dec 02 2011)

  • First public release.