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d774f26 @thelema Enable annot through _tags file
thelema authored
1 <**/*.ml> : annot
c3d07f3 @sliquister partial revert of 071b101dee54
sliquister authored
2 <**/*.ml> and not <libs/**.ml>: warn_A, warn_e, warn_-29
54c0a20 @thelema Remove old make_suite.rb and replace with ocaml version in build scripts
thelema authored
3 "build": include
e517e65 @elehack Implement initial ocamlbuild support
elehack authored
4 "src": include
9f94ecb @thelema More renaming ulib to uniclib [Fix #227]
thelema authored
5 "libs": include
6 "libs/estring": include
9ddb3e4 @thelema New testing infrastructure - one inline test passes
thelema authored
7 "testsuite": include
5b19679 @gasche A new benchsuite/ repertory for performance measurements.
gasche authored
8 "qtest": include
9 "benchsuite": include
0aea360 @thelema Exclude .git from ocamlbuild
thelema authored
10 ".git": -traverse
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