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OASISFormat: 0.2
OCamlVersion: >= 3.11.0
Name: batteries
Version: 1.4.3
Authors: Batteries Included Team
License: LGPL-2.1 with OCaml linking exception
LicenseFile: LICENSE
BuildType: custom (0.2)
InstallType: custom (0.2)
BuildTools: make
Synopsis: Extended OCaml Standard Library
BuildDepends: camomile (>= 0.7.0)
XCustomBuild: $make all
XCustomInstall: $make install
XCustomUninstall: $make uninstall
Document manual
Type: custom (0.2)
Title: Ocaml Batteries Documentation
XCustom: $make doc
Test main
Type: custom (0.2)
Command: $make test
SourceRepository master
Type: git
Location: git://
Branch: master
Library "batteries"
Path: src/
Library "estring"
Path: libs/estring/
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