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ocamlinit "Canot find file topfind" #140

ajendrex opened this Issue April 26, 2011 · 3 comments

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Héctor Urbina Edgar Friendly gasche
Héctor Urbina


On Arch LInux, I have installed:

ocaml-svn 11008-1
ocaml-batteries 1.3.0-1
ocaml-camomile 0.8.2-1
ocaml-findlib 1.2.7-1
ocaml-ounit 1.1.0-4

I copied the ocamlinit file to ~/.ocamlinit and I have the following error when starting ocaml

[13:01]hurbina@tito ocaml-tutorial $ ocaml
Objective Caml version 3.13.0+dev3 (2011-03-07)

Cannot find file topfind.
File "/home/hurbina/.ocamlinit", line 7, characters 52-77:
Error: Unbound module Findlib

How can i fix it?


Perhaps you should use the batteries mailing list for general installation questions. It's the "batteries-discuss" list on the forge page.

(Regarding your issue : it means that findlib wasn't properly installed; topfind is not related to Batteries, it's a component of findlib / ocamlfind.)

Edgar Friendly

Your ocaml-findlib package should have installed a /usr/lib/ocaml/topfind file. As it seems to have not done so, you should either install findlib from source or complain to whoever packaged it to fix this.

Edgar Friendly thelema closed this April 26, 2011
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