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read_line squashes multiple carriage returns into one #276

agarwal opened this Issue Jul 18, 2012 · 0 comments

2 participants

ocaml-batteries-team member
agarwal commented Jul 18, 2012

If multiple carriage returns occur within a line, they are lost by read_line. Here's a test showing the error:

# let i  = BatIO.input_string "kldsjf\r\r\rasdfa\nsfdsagf\n";;
val i : BatIO.input = <abstr>
# BatIO.read_line i;;
- : string = "kldsjf\rasdfa"

I marked this as an easy fix, but performance is important for a low-level function like this. Making sure that a fix is efficient may require more work.

@thelema thelema closed this in 2dd404e Jul 19, 2012
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