Why BatInnerWeaktbl is an « Inner » module #543

jpdeplaix opened this Issue Mar 4, 2014 · 1 comment

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I'm wondering why the module BatInnerWeaktbl, which I find useful, is considered as « Internal Modules » in the documentation (see: http://ocaml-batteries-team.github.io/batteries-included/hdoc2/index.html) ? And why it isn't exported in the module Batteries as Weaktbl for example ?

I'll be glad to provide a patch if you find that it can be renamed or something else.

ocaml-batteries-team member

I think it's there because it's used in BatIO (for combinators that wrap inputs in other inputs). It might actually be reasonable to make it public, provided documentation and tests are written, I think (currently the interface is quite... terse).

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