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Consistency in module naming #90

hcarty opened this Issue Oct 20, 2010 · 2 comments

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hcarty commented Oct 20, 2010

The original Batteries had adopted a consistent naming approach of only capitalizing the leading letter in a name (module or constructor). This made it relatively easy to remember names, as everything used a single convention.

The new Batteries seems to have an inconsistent mixture of naming schemes. It would be ideal to make this consistent across all of Batteries.

ocaml-batteries-team member
agarwal commented Jan 20, 2011

I personally favor CamelCase for module names.

Big_int and Bigarray do not follow this, but perhaps that is best. It maintains backwards compatibility with the standard OCaml distribution. Similarly, Dllist is the name from ExtLib, and anyway in this case I'm not sure I'd like DLList.

Value_printer, Batteries_config, Batteries_print, and Batteries_uni are the only ones I would recommend changing for consistency sake.

ocaml-batteries-team member
thelema commented Jan 20, 2011

Make a patch that does the renames properly[1], base it off the v2 branch, and it'll likely be accepted. If you want to figure out how to keep backwards compatibility with the 1.0 series, you can base your patch off master

[1] define properly however you want

@gasche gasche was assigned Apr 21, 2011
@thelema thelema added a commit that closed this issue May 20, 2011
@thelema thelema [Fix #90] Use CamelCase module names, minor fixes to README, importan…
…t fixes to .mllib files
@thelema thelema closed this in 2242376 May 20, 2011
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