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Documentation of raised exceptions #184

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Corrected some mistakes, added some missing @raise clauses.
Two commits (7215e..., a475e...) change the code to [assert false] when impossible happens (instead of raising other exceptions).
Added grep-based script for sanity checking of the documentation of exception raising.

@thelema thelema merged commit bb65d57 into from

Very awesome! I wonder where in the process this tool should be run. If it's not in the makefile somewhere, to be run automatically at build or test, it may be forgotten about.


Just a question on the tool (awesome indeed): why are those modules "manually excluded"? At first sight it would be better to re-check everything each time, so that future changes that would break the convention are also caught. Do those modules raise (sic) false negatives, or are there performance issues? In the first case I think we should try to have a finer-grained opt-out mechanism.

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