Added a combination generator for Enum #518

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Chimrod commented Jan 21, 2014

Implement an enumeration over combination #503

This an implementation of mathematical Combination ( ), wich work with or without repetitions.

+(** [combination n k] returns an enumeration over combination of [k] elements
+ between [n] distincts elements.
+ If [repeat] is true, the combination may contains the same elements many

hcarty Jan 21, 2014


This should be 'contain' rather than 'contains'


Chimrod Jan 21, 2014

Sorry, english is not my mothertongue…

I push a correction ASAP


c-cube commented Apr 11, 2014

Is it me, or could this be implemented as a BitSet.t generator that could then be used to select elements in an array? That would be more general this way...

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