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#Features provided by Batteries


Pipeline Operator (|>)

This operator is commonly used to give code a dataflow structure. Since 4.01 this is included in standard OCaml.


Everything converts to and from an Enum, an efficient enumeration type.

Instead of a for loop with body f:int -> unit, one can write (1--n) |> iter f.

To convert between a List and a Set, write List.enum lst |> Set.of_enum.


General purpose Input/Output channels


###Return Same as but with slightly different names.

Printing Functions

Data structure modules provide a print function that can be used with Printf.printf like this:

Printf.printf "Int is: %a" Int.print 5

This is pretty boring, until you realize that polymorphic containers' print functions are composable:

Printf.printf "Pair: %a, List:%a\n" (Pair.print String.print Float.print) ("abc",3.14) (List.print Int.print) [3;4;5]
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