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For 2.0

  • Double check interfaces
    • `BatPervasives` compatibility with existing `Pervasives` functions
    • Sane interfaces
    • Documented defaults
    • Uniform usage of things such as Batteries IO streams
  • complete @since, @raises docs

Improvements to existing modules

  • More Unicode (thelema)
  • Basic unicode transcoding channels (thelema)
  • Bringing *.Labels modules to feature-parity with their non-labelled cousins (this may require rethinking either the build system or the name of *.Labels modules)


  • Complete OOChannel support compatible with OCamlNet, Camomile and of course ExtLib.
  • Complete bindings for OCamlNet
  • Complete bindings for OUnit (?)
  • Support for logging (we will probably have to write this ourselves) maybe we can use an existing logging infrastructure.
  • The Shell parts of OCamlNet
  • Complete bindings for OCaml-FileUtils (any volunteer?)
  • Catch Me If You Can and full support for exception-less error management (Paolo Donadeo)
  • Complete bindings for OCaml-Cairo (any volunteer?), possibly as a higher-level module ExtGraphics.
  • ExtRatio extending Ratio
  • Complete bindings for Camlp4, which make Camlp4 usable as a general-purpose recursive descent parser.
  • Add interpolation support to pa_string ala xstrp4.